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EXPECT A MIRACLE - A Story from a Practice Member

5329210_mAngela S

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. With this comes great responsibility. I look after my family and home and I like walking, cooking, reading and sewing. I also like watching the world go by.

Is there anything you were unable to do because of your initial reason for consulting us?

I could not walk properly or far. Could not do any household chores. I could not lift or carry anything. Basically, my life came to a standstill. The worse thing was the inability to sleep or get comfortable.

Tell us why you originally came for chiropractic:

I have been to osteopaths and chiropractors in the past, and I know what they can do and I believe in their work. I was virtually bent in half, leaning over to the left and the pain was going down my back, hips, pelvis, legs and feet & toes. The pains were unbearable like electricity, cut glass, burning and stabbing pains all at once. Pain killers did not touch the pains. I knew I was out of alignment.

What did you know about chiropractic before you came in?

I knew that their work helps the human body to heal. The work on the spine and back helps the rest of the body. In spite of going to two previous practitioners, I was still hopeful that this one (Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic) was going to work wonders on me. I was in too much pain to be nervous!

Did you attend the introductory talk?

Yes, I did attend the talk and found it very interesting and helpful. It reminded me of what I already knew and it also presented some new things such as how the mind and stress can affect the body and the brain. I learnt about eating a healthy, nutritional diet, exercising and breathing. The talk helped me get back on track and see that it is all about fine tuning and balance – fascinating stuff!

How has your chiropractic journey been so far?

Magnificent! A huge transformation has taken place. I am standing straight and walking much better. Gone is the excruciating pain I was experiencing. I am able to sleep and I can now do things I could not before such as walking, lifting, doing chores and generally getting out and about.

How has chiropractic helped your ability to enjoy life again?

It’s helped enormously. Not only is my body realigned, but also my health and wellbeing are much improved. I feel there is a much better flow of energy through my body which makes me feel more flexible, mobile and the body feels freer.

Aside from helping you recover from your original injury, what other effects have you noticed?

Better flow in movements and a healthier nervous system. Much better improvement in over-all health.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

It has taken me 10 months to get this far, bearing in mind I had seen two previous practitioners, before I came to Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic. I started this journey at the end of August 2018 and it has been amazing. I am excited to see what life will bring as I continue to move forwards.

Angela S

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