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Meet the Shrewsbury Team

Get to Know Dr Glenn D Fredericksen (Chiropractor)

Glenn Frederickson, ChiropractorGlenn has enjoyed the benefits of regular chiropractic care since he was 17 for no other reason than to be healthier and stronger. Now he loves to share this healthy approach to life with others. Through a natural Chiropractic lifestyle, Glenn finds that he is able to move more easily and recover more quickly from body fatigue, is more resistant to the common illnesses we find bouncing from person to person and is also more productive with more energy and better concentration.

Glenn trained back home at the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic which is world renowned for its vitalistic approach to Chiropractic and health.

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Get to Know Dr Laura Beaumont (Chiropractor)

dr-laura-beaumontDr Beaumont was introduced to chiropractic through her father who sought the care of a chiropractor in 2002. He had been off work for months with raging back pain and no improvement. As a child, seeing your father unable to move and in excruciating pain is quite shocking. He hobbled into the chiropractor’s office with her grandad’s walking stick, but came out a different man. Within a few sessions, herfather underwent a dramatic recovery, and her family became advocates for chiropractic care.

“This planted the seed for my own interest in chiropractic – what had they done that no one else had? How, after months of agony, could regular adjustments make such a profound difference? And is this something that I could learn to help others?”

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Tracy Williams | Chiropractic Assistant

Tracy WilliamsI joined as a Chiropractic Assistant in September 2014, and I am so pleased that I did! Prior to this I was a practice member of Glenn’s, after a friend suggested that I visit him. I mistakenly thought that a chiropractor could only help someone with back issues, not even considering that chiropractic would help my ears. How wrong I was! After my first visit I was amazed to find that I could turn my neck more easily, having not realised how stiff it had got! That started me on my new chiropractic lifestyle.

In the time that I have been here, I have seen some amazing transformations our members have gone through, and it’s a joy to see their lives improve. I personally wish I’d found chiropractic care years ago. I live on a farm with my husband and our four boys. They all keep me pretty busy, so maintaining our health is important. We all love to spend time as a family, whether it be at one of the boy’s football matches, days out, family & friends get-togethers or just relaxing at home.

Rosalind Powell | Practice Manager

Rosalind PowellI was first introduced to chiropractic by Glenn, when we met back in 2004 in New Zealand. Prior to this, I knew nothing about chiropractic and assumed it was just for people with back pain. Since then, however, I have been checked and adjusted regularly. Firstly, I noticed how it relieved tension in my neck and back. However, for many years now, I have been getting checked purely to keep my body in balance and allow my nervous system to work to its fullest. Chiropractic care, teamed up with good nutrition and exercise, is central to my lifestyle.

Prior to working here at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic, I was a languages teacher, during which time I found it extremely rewarding to be involved in children’s personal and intellectual growth. Now, at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic, it is incredibly exciting to be involved in bringing chiropractic to our community and witnessing people’s increased health and vitality. After all, a well-functioning nervous system and body is the foundation of all that we can do and achieve.

In my free time, I love to play the cello with Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra, go hiking and walking, grow veggies for our home cooking, exercise, do yoga and read or watch foreign films to keep up my languages!

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