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Mark PictureMy name is Mark Southward and I am a young man who happens to be 55 years old and while my semi-professional football days are a dim and distant memory, I do like to maintain a degree of physical fitness when time allows. I like to do this by way of modest gym sessions (Cardio & Resistance training) and a more gentle form of exercise known as golf (or spoiling a good walk). I also coach competitive swimming several days a week at one of the region’s top performance programmes.

The gym work and the golf were becoming limited owing to frequent lower back pain and neck issues that had reduced the range of rotational movement very significantly. This made me feel my age, or rather the age of someone else a lot older than me! I was starting to feel that I was ‘over the hill’, only my hill appeared to have a sheer drop on the other side of it – not a nice feeling for one so young!

I consulted Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic in the hope that treatment might alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing and allow me to work on the poor posture that I was sure was the cause of those symptoms. I initially had only a brief understanding of chiropractic but remained hopeful that it would help when I first attended the office. I found that the introductory talk gave information to the client in a manner pitched at the right level for most of us. The information shared help me to understand the possible outcomes of an adjustment as well as what the adjustments are able to achieve. It also helped to give me confidence in the Chiropractor.

I initially found early adjustments resulted in a period of discomfort before settling down. The introductory talk indicated this as one of the post adjustment outcomes, so it didn’t worry me too much and after a number of adjustments, this ceased to be an issue as my condition improved.

There was one occasion where my wife came into the office with me so she could experience her husband’s neck being wrung by another woman (Laura). She evidently enjoyed the experience because she now attends herself so Laura can do the same to her!

The treatments I have had over a number of months have greatly improved my general condition and have significantly reduced the symptoms I was frequently experiencing. This is allowing work on the posture, which still benefits from periodic adjustment. Overall, being able to move and exercise more freely has improved my self-confidence, I felt less vulnerable and I’m far less concerned about age and that hill of mine!

I think for anyone has been suffering with physical discomfort, pain or frailty and is wondering whether Chiropractic treatment could be of benefit to them, I’d suggest that they are probably willing to try anything and the only thing stopping them making an appointment is a lack of knowledge of chiropractic and perhaps fear of the unknown. I would encourage those people to pick up the phone and make that appointment. The first step is the introductory talk which is designed to address all those ‘unknowns’ well before any physical adjustment takes place. It’s only a talk and really can’t hurt – I promise!


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