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How staying hydrated supports spinal and nerve health


We all knWater dropow it is important to keep well-hydrated, but have you considered why? All parts of our body require optimal hydration to function well, including our spine and nerves to remain healthy and pain-free. The soft cushioning discs between the vertebrae provide shock absorbing comfort as we move, combat gravity, carry loads and endure natural wear and tear. The discs require constant hydration and will absorb water surrounding them with the help of our movement and they will also rehydrate while we sleep. But what if there is no water available? We can expect faster degeneration, reducing their height and cushioning ability, leading to more irritation to the nerve roots. This equals reduced health and more pain and dysfunction.


Daily water requirements are regularly quoted as 8 glasses per day (2 litres) but this does not allow for varying body sizes, composition and daily activities. A better measure is drinking 25-30 millilitres of water for every kilogram of body weight. For example, I am currently 75kgs (25mls x 75kg = 1875mls). So, on a normal day I should consume at least 1.875L of water. If I was more active or it was particularly hot, meaning I will sweat more, I should consume 2.250L (30mls per kg) of water to maintain hydration.
I don’t believe you should count liquid that is not 100% H20. Sugary, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks will all contribute to you being dehydrated despite them containing liquid. This is because your kidneys will use the available water to help rid your body of the waste products instead of it being used to hydrate the cells throughout your body.

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