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How to Find Simplicity in a Complex World

by Nancy Cerritelli 39379816 - young man relaxing in a garden having hot coffee in afternoon

We all need more simplicity in our lives – here are some of my suggestions of how you can do this – no matter how busy you are!

Life today is increasingly full of complexities and I love the idea of taking the chance to step back from that, and from the busy-ness that so many of us seem to get caught up in, if even if it is just for a few grabbed minutes every day. So that is my invitation – take some time to just stop, take a step back and simply ‘be’ in the moment.

Remember the DREAM of chiropractic? Diet Rest Exercise Adjustments Mindfulness (click here if you want to know more) Well this blog is an invitation to mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, it’s about letting go of everything for a while, emptying your mind and giving your full attention to just one thing. It could be anything: washing up, the sensation of walking, receiving your chiropractic adjustment – the aim is to savour the simplicity of being, without distractions. Now, I’m not suggesting that, from this moment forth, you do every single thing mindfully and without distractions – that’s just not practical – but what about treating yourself to some time on your own in nature today? Here are some more realistic suggestions that you can fit into your day no matter how busy you are:

  • Take yourself out for a walk in some of Shropshire’s glorious countryside
  • Take a turn around The Quarry
  • Sit for half an hour (or more, or less) in The Dingle
  • Find a quiet, shady spot along the river where you can sit and watch the sun reflecting off the surface of the water
  • Take your morning coffee or afternoon tea out into the garden and just sit and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your back, the gentle breeze on your skin, the buzzing of the bees, the smell of the flowers and the peace and quiet

Whatever you choose to do, do it alone, do it in silence, with no distractions and try not to focus on your thoughts – let them float on by and focus instead on the physical sensations that you are experiencing in each moment. There is nothing else, everything else can wait until you choose to return to the demands of life, no distractions … just you … and nature … and the warmth … the breeze … the sounds and smells of nature … your breath … And, the magic of mindfulness is that, with time and practice, you will feel calmer, less rushed and more able to cope with the pressures of life. In looking away from the complexity and chaos of your life – even for just five or ten minutes – and focussing on just one thing in each moment, the complexity will fall away and you will start to see more … simplicity. And, as Thoreau said,

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

“Henry David Thoreau Quotes.” Xplore Inc, 2018. 11 July 2018.

So, find some time today (or tomorrow, or at the weekend) to enjoy the simplicity of just being in this moment … and this one … and this one …

12th July 2018

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