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LIVING THE D.R.E.A.M - Mindfulness

Minfulness photo

When was the last time you took 5 minutes for yourself? 5 minutes of reflection. No interruptions. Nothing. The last, but not least, component of living the DREAM is mindfulness. You may have heard about this recently as it seems to be the thing of the moment. But what’s it all about? Mindfulness is about checking in with your inner self. Acknowledging what’s going on, accepting it and then moving on. There are lots of ways to help with mindfulness; focusing on your breathing and what you sense in the moment is a great start. Even taking a walk in nature, really looking and noticing, taking your mind away from everything else is perfect. If you are interested, ask your chiropractor at your next appointment, or search for apps like ‘Headspace’ on your smartphone. Practising mindfulness reduces mental stress which helps reduce tension and stress in our body, which in turn allows the spine and nervous system to function properly.

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