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Shrewsbury Chiropractor : Second & Regular Visits

Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic Adjusting Table

Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic Adjusting Table

Second Visit: Report of Findings

Typically called a report of findings,
Dr Fredericksen
 (Chiropractor) uses this opportunity to walk you through all of your results and will show you how Chiropractic care will be of benefit to your overall health as well as overcoming any health concerns that you have told him about.

Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) understands that there are many questions that need answers and will provide you with the complete set of answers including what is wrong and why, how Chiropractic will help, what is involved and when you are likely to feel the benefits.

You will be given notes along with any tips that may help you further and you will be given the opportunity to begin your Chiropractic care!

A Typical Regular Visit

Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic is a relaxing chance to do something positive for your health and a chance to stop and let the world go by. There is no rushing or long waits at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic and you are welcome to stay and learn about healthy new ways to further improve your lifestyle. As well as talking to his practice members about their health, Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) also loves to get to know his practice members and always enjoys hearing about what their families and they have been up to.

Ready to get started? Please call our Shrewsbury office to arrange a time so that we may meet you and discuss your particular health issue. 01743 588 190.

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