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The 3 T's at Christmas

Have you seen our 3 T’s whiteboard?

Christma3 T's Whiteboards may be a magical time of year to look forward to, but it also doesn’t come without its stresses. At one of our recent staff meetings we got onto the conversation of Christmas, how much of a busy time of year it is and what stresses we and many others experience. People can tend to skip or cancel their check around Christmas for various reasons – a major one being time. We broke it down and looked at why it is so important to make that pre-Christmas check and how it is also absolutely fine to have an extra check.

We can categorise the stresses we experience into three T’s: Thoughts, Toxins and Trauma. The idea is that chiropractic helps facilitate your body’s filter to keep your body healthy so it can deal with those natural stresses a lot better so we can all enjoy the fabulous time of year with our friends and families.


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