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The Story of the Bear and the Shephard - Wonderful words in Chiropractic


There once was a bear who had a limp. He didn’t know why, but all the other animals made fun of him. He balled and bellowed, and was grumpy to all. His passed a shepherd who said, ‘I’ve heard enough of your moaning and groaning! Will you go and see the CHIROPRACTOR.’

‘What’s a CHIROPRACTOR?’ the bear said.

‘A CHIROPRACTOR will check your spine for SUBLUXATIONS, and ADJUST it. They make your body work better.’

‘Check for a WHAT?’

‘A SUBLUXATION! This is a joint in the spine that is not moving correctly, which can negatively impact health and wellbeing. It stops the normal flow of information going from the brain to the body, and then back to the brain. That’s why you feel so grumpy! They will get the spine moving better, and the nerve flow will be as good as it can be. And your body can work better!’ exclaimed the shepherd.

‘Wow! All that from an ADJUSTMENT?’ the bear said in amazement.

‘Yup! An adjustment is a push or pull into the SUBLUXATED joint, encouraging proper movement and nerve flow. The ADJUSTMENT helps your nervous system and brain adapt better to whatever it is that you’re doing. That’s called NEUROPLASTICITY.’

‘What a funky word. But what’s my limp got to do with my brain and nervous system?’

‘Well, what controls the body? Yep, the brain. And the brainstem and the spinal cord are also super important. Together they make up your CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It’s basically everything in your skull and spinal bones. The brain is really important for integrating all the body’s information, and then figuring out what’s best to do next. There’s a part of the brain called the CEREBELLUM which is important for coordinating and regulating muscular activity. I’ll bet you can figure out that it’s important for that to be working well!’ smiled the shepherd.

‘Absolutely. So if my Nervous System is working well, my brain will know what’s wrong and help heal my limping leg?’

‘Exactly! And the brain also integrates all the sensory information to be able to perform movements of the body accurately. This is the ability to sense the position, location, orientation and movement of the body and its parts – PROPRIOCEPTION. So if you’re learning a new task, you want all the sensory information to be sent to the brain, so it can figure out how to help you perform the task perfectly!’

‘So there must be nerves in your arms and legs then?’ The bear was starting to figure it all out.

‘Yes, and this is called your PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. This includes any nerve cells outside the brain and spinal cord. Hey, you’re catching on here!’

‘And I guess the body is pretty clever?’ the bear wondered.

‘I certainly think so, and so does the CHIROPRACTOR. This is called VITALISM. Given the right environment – no nervous interference, and the correct nutrients and rest – the body can thrive and heal. We are bigger than the sum of our parts. There’s an intelligence in our bodies that makes us alive,’ explained the shepherd.

‘So what should I be eating then?’

‘Anything that’s natural and is a part of nature (NATURALISM) – fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes, olive oil, nuts and seeds.’

‘Awesome! And it sounds like I have to look after my body as one whole thing, not like individual parts of a machine?’

‘That’s it – if I pulled a hair off your behind, your eyes would water. But what do your behind and eyes have in common….?’

‘I don’t know!’ the bear said in confusion.

‘Exactly, your body is all connected as one whole organism – HOLISM. You have to be friendly with your body, or you just won’t get along together – HUMANISM.’

‘So how do I find this CHIROPRACTOR?’

‘There are loads around the country, but I like Dr Glenn and Dr Laura from Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic. Give them a call on 01743 588190 or check out their website /


By Laura Beaumont

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