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Sue's Chiropractic Story

Sue's Chiropractic StorySue shares her story of how chiropractic has helped her ditch the walking stick and rediscover the joy of life.

My name is Sue. My back pain started when I was working in a local garage as the Office Manager. My office duties involved a lot of sitting down but I would also find myself helping push cars into the garage, and fetching and carrying tyres for the mechanics.

As the back pain got worse I gradually found myself walking with a lean and eventually had to use a walking stick so I could stand upright. I had numbness in my left leg and foot and was having problems sleeping – I would only sleep for an hour at a time because my whole left side was in agony and went numb every time I tried to lie on it. I was taking so many painkillers and was so tired, restless and in pain, I was at my wits’ end. Even just sitting up in bed caused so much pain it would make me cry – I was an emotional wreck.

I tried my GP who prescribed pain medication and antidepressants. When they made no difference, he sent me to a physiotherapist who diagnosed a damaged disc. Although the physio told me I was making an improvement, I was still in agony after four weeks. The GP prescribed something stronger – which didn’t work.

An MRI scan revealed a bulging disc with central stenosis, which basically means I had a slipped disc that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. An osteopath managed to take some of the pressure off my sciatic nerve which was being inflamed by the damaged disc. A further trip to the GP was unhelpful as the only thing he could now suggest was spinal surgery.

After five months, an awful lot of medication and the prospect of scary spinal surgery my last resort was to see a chiropractor.

I went along to Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic’s Introduction to Chiropractic talk and found it very helpful and informative. It helped me understand more about how the brain and body connect via the nervous system so I decided to ditch the painkillers that were simply blocking the pain signals and give my body chance to heal itself instead. I also found that herbal medicine worked just as well as ibuprofen for inflammation because it feeds your body instead of fighting against it; needless to say my herbalist is my new best friend!

When I first started my treatment at Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic I was made to feel at ease. I was told to think positive, so after one trip for chiropractic care my daughter suggested I think about pink fluffy unicorns! Having used a walking stick for five months, I ditched it after only four weeks of chiropractic care! Even my husband cannot believe the improvement in my posture.

I lost my job in December 2017 and had been struggling to find another one – after all who wants to employ someone who is bent over a walking stick and looks like a walking zombie? But everything has changed! These last couple of weeks I have had so many job offers I don’t know which one to take! I have more confidence in myself. Friends and relations have asked me if I have lost weight.

After this whole experience I can honestly say I will not be relying on painkillers in the future. Instead, I am going to see my chiropractor and the local herbalist.

Although I know it is going to take at least another six months before my back is completely healed, thanks to chiropractic care I smile when I can, walk when I can and I am beginning to enjoy life again.

Thank you

Sue W.
22nd August 2018



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