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Working on Technique and Mind - Glenn's Professional Development of 2019

There are 3 elements underpinning Chiropractic, namely: science, philosophy and art. During 2019, I have been delving deeper into the art of chiropractic technique on both a practical and a mind-set level.

Delivering a chiropractic adjustment is definitely an art form which, much like a martial artist developing their skill over time, requires constant dedication in order to become masterful at it. Two important factors to consider for a masterful adjustment include mental focus and practical delivery and I have been working on these two aspects over the last 6 months.

Occipital Lift

In May 2019, I met two passionate chiropractors who formed the training group, Syntropy, and I later attended one of their courses focusing on an upper cervical (neck) technique. An interesting aspect of this training was the recognition of protecting the health of the chiropractor and ensuring that s/he does not injure themselves while helping others. Part of my journey through 2020 will be to learn more about the Syntropy techniques and begin implementing these into practice. One new feature you may see in the near future may be new elevating chiropractic tables to help make adjusting more comfortable for the chiropractors.

In November, I attended a ‘Vital Experience’ seminar with my mentors, Marc Husdon and Lynn McAvenia, where I was able to re-focus my mind and refresh my passion for all things chiropractic. Part of this weekend involved learning breath work and ice-bathing using techniques developed by Wim Hof, Native American sweat lodges and a mind-bending fire walk. Essentially, these seemingly crazy experiences are designed to push your boundaries and highlight that with the right mind set and attitude you can move beyond your comfort zone and achieve things that you previously considered impossible.

Wim Hof Ice Bath

Throughout all of the learning that I have undergone, there have always been steps to help prepare the mind and become focused on specific tasks. This is a key element when I am adjusting in practice. Having a sharp focus and great intentions while adjusting will help you experience great results from your chiropractic care.

At the time of writing this, Laura is about to head to India to the Golden Temple as part of a mission group to provide chiropractic care and I am eager to hear what her experience was like, especially around focus and energy. The more I study and practice, the more I realise that these elements are fundamental to the outcomes of our chiropractic care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Glenn

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