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For this iNervous System_000009336597XSmallssue’s Words of Wisdom, Dr. Glenn talks about the 3 main causes of subluxations and expressions of ill health.

When I have a health challenge, I tend to think about what’s happened to cause it. Sometimes this is easy because there was one very obvious accident and other times it’s a frustrating, conclusionless hunt for the culprit. As often is the case, the answers lie in our lifestyles and by unpicking this riddle, we can find some hidden truths that could change the course of our health.

To start my investigation, I recognise that there are 3 main causes of vertebral subluxation and the expression of ill health: Physical, Chemical and Emotional. This gives me 3 categories in which to list possible stressors that may be contributing to my demise. The second part of my search is to consider what I may have had too much of and what I may have had too little of.

There is often a ‘conspiracy’ among stressors aiding and abetting each other. More often than not, what we see in our office is the result of multiple stressors that have affected someone throughout life. Often the solution to health is to balance the equation of what we have had too much and too little of and eliminate the stress on the body. Chiropractic care helps to remove the effects of the stressors which impact spinal and nerve integrity.

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