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Shrewsbury Chiropractor : First Visit


When you first visit our practice you will be greeted by Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) who will invite you to relax in our reception and take time over completing your new patient forms which will help determine how he can help. Once you have completed this Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) will invite you to sit down and share your information with him.

Shrewsbury Family Chiropractic reception area

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Initial Chiropractic Examination

Once Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) is happy that he has enough information he will tell you whether Chiropractic sounds like an appropriate option for you and if so you will be offered an initial Chiropractic examination which will provide further information regarding your current health. Often people are worried that they will have to remove clothes for this but in most cases it is unnecessary. When this may be required a gown will be supplied for comfort.

Because Chiropractic is concerned with the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems Dr Fredericksen will conduct a thorough series of routine tests that should not be uncomfortable.

These tests include:

  • Neurological examination
  • Orthopedic examination
  • Spinal examination
  • Postural examination

If there are any specific areas of interest Dr Fredericksen will add additional tests to help identify any problems.

Chiropractic X-Ray

Some patients will require an x-ray examination to enable the Chiropractor to visually inspect the spine; this can confirm whether Chiropractic is the right option for you and can tell the Chiropractor a great deal about the structure of your spine. If this is determined to be necessary, Dr Fredericksen (Chiropractor) will discuss this with you and refer you for these procedures.

On your Second Visit we will review all of the exam findings from today’s initial visit.

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